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Support the Library

Give a Financial Gift

Did you know that the library’s annual budget is only partially covered by county dollars? Each year the library still needs help with these areas:

  • Expanding the number of books available for check-out
  • Producing educational programs for children, adults, and staff
  • Funding special programs or projects, including technology enhancements

The Pulaski County Public Library has two funds that support the mission and future of the library.

  • The Gift Memorial Fund: This fund provides unrestricted support for library programs, events, and a variety of general needs. Donations to the Gift Memorial Fund have an immediate impact on library services.
  • The Library Fund at the Community Foundation of Pulaski County: This is an endowed fund which is supervised by the Community Foundation.  It provides the library with a regular monetary contribution based on the accumulation of donations. Click here to donate to this fund.

Another way to give is through a planned gift. A charitable bequest through a will or trust, no matter what size, demonstrates your desire to create a legacy for others through the services of the Pulaski County Public Library.

Any gift is greatly appreciated, and no amount is too small. Notifications of gifts are mailed to individuals or their families, and an entry is made in the Gift Memorial donation ledger for donations to the Gift Memorial Fund. For more information on gift fund opportunities, please contact the Library Business Office at 574-946-3432 or complete the Memorial/Honorarium Form.

Donate Books or Materials

The library accepts gifts of gently used books and materials. These items may be added to our circulating and/or archival collection, but most are sold in our used book sales to generate funds for the library. Either way, your gift benefits the library and is greatly appreciated. Items should be bagged or boxed in containers that do not need to be returned to you.

Materials such as works of art, office equipment, or gaming consoles may be acceptable.  Not sure if your item qualifies? Call the Business Office at 574-946-3432.

Become an Advocate

At its most basic level, advocacy is simply voicing your support for something you believe in and encouraging others to do the same. In the world of libraries, this might be as simple as telling your friends and neighbors about the great things happening at your local library, or talking to decision-makers about how your public library is in need of additional funding.

Your voice counts! As a library patron, you are the heart and soul of the library community, and you have a crucial voice in making the case for libraries. As part of a voting constituency, you can capture the attention of decision-makers like no one else. When you see an elected official be sure to tell them how much you value the services provided at the Pulaski County Public Library.

To learn more about the specific needs of the Pulaski County Public Library, talk to a librarian or visit: