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Borrowing Items

How can I tell if you have a specific book/movie/etc.?

To find an item in our collection, search the online card catalog using the search bar at the top of this page. You might hear library staff members refer to this as the 'OPAC,' which stands for Online Public Access Catalog. That's just a fancy name for the website you can use to see all the items we have at the library.

How many books/movies/etc. can I check out?

For books, magazines, and audiobooks, you check out as many items as you like—just keep in mind that they're due back in two weeks!

Other collections do have checkout limits. You can have 4 regular entertainment movies (including both DVDs and Blu-rays) checked out at one time. You may check out an additional 4 educational movies (including documentary, fitness, and travel). Music CDs are limited to 5 out at one time. You can have 2 Playaways and 2 Playaway Views checked out. You can check out only 1 video game at a time.

Can I check out magazines?

Yes! Most of our magazine collection can be checked out on a normal two-week loan period. Our main magazine section displays the current issue of magazines on the front of the shelf; older issues can be found underneath by lifting up the shelf. There are a few magazines that cannot be checked out (for instance, some of those in the local history area); generally, these will not have a barcode in the upper left corner of the cover. If you're not sure, you can always bring a magazine up to the front desk and ask!

I don't have my card with me, but I want to check out items. Can I do that?

You may check out items without your library card if you present a photo ID (e.g. a driver's license) and pay a fee of $1.

Can I use my spouse's/parent's/friend's card to check out items?

The short answer is, No. The actual cardholder must be present to check out items on their card.

The only exception to this restriction is if you have a physical or medical condition that prohibits you from safely visiting the library. If this situation applies to you, see the section on Homebound Services below for more information.

I am homebound. Can I still borrow items from the library?

Yes. Special delivery services are available to persons that have a physical condition that prohibits them from safely visiting the library due to a permanent or temporary health situation or residence in a nursing care facility. A copy of the Physician's Statement is available at the circulation desk and must be signed by your physician in order to obtain homebound services. This statement must be renewed annually.

After an initial consultation, the homebound staff obtains materials for you from the library and delivers them on a bi-weekly basis. Materials are checked out on your card and are returned to the library two weeks later on the homebound staff's next visit. Only materials with a loan period of two weeks are available for checkout through homebound services.

You may also optionally designate a particular person to check out items for you at the library; that person (and only that person) would be able to use your card on your behalf.

In addition, if you are unable to come in to the library to get physical items, you may be interested in our many digital services.

How long do I get to keep my items?

Most items (books, magazines, educational movies, etc.) can be checked out for two weeks. Video games have a loan period of one week. Non-educational movies checked out during the week are due back the next day we're open; movies checked out on Friday or Saturday are due back on Monday.

Items must be returned before the library's closing time on the date they are due in order to be counted as on time. You can get an extension on your due date for many items by renewing them; see "How do I renew an item?" within the "Using Your Account to Reserve and Renew Items" section for more information.

You don't have a book that I'm looking for. Is there a way to get it?

If we don't have a particular item in our collection, oftentimes we can get it from a library that does. We call these types of transactions 'InterLibrary Loans,' or ILLs. You can request books or audiobooks via ILL.

To put in an ILL request, you can come in to the library, give us a call, or use the ILL form on our website. See our InterLibrary Loan page for more information.

Where can I return my items?

Items may be returned in the book drops at the front and back of the building and inside at the main desk. The front book drop is for books and other print materials only. There are two book drops in back: the one labeled 'Books' is for print materials, and the one labeled 'Audio/Visual' is for things like DVDs, videogames, and audiobooks. Please be sure to return your items in the appropriate place; items can be damaged when returned in the incorrect drop. There is a 50¢ fine for each item returned in the wrong book drop.

Can I use my library card to check out e-books?

Yes! If you're a resident patron and you'd like to check out e-books, you can use our OverDrive and Hoopla digital services. For more information on these and other ways to get materials from the library online, see our list of Digital Media.