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Choose Privacy Week 2018

We're celebrating Choose Privacy Week from May 6th to 12th!

Choose Privacy Week is the American Library Association’s annual, week-long event that promotes the importance of individual privacy rights and celebrates libraries and librarians’ unique role in protecting privacy in the library and in society as a whole.

The initiative encourages libraries to be champions of privacy rights in the digital age and highlights ways libraries can protect the privacy of their patrons and educate persons to think critically and make informed choices about their privacy.

The library will host two programs during Choose Privacy Week:

Call to sign up for a Smartphone Privacy Session on Monday, May 7th, or Friday, May 11th, for one-on-one assistance setting up privacy features on your phone.

You can also come to “Cyber Threats and How to Avoid Them” on Thursday, May 10th at 5:00 to learn how to keep yourself safe in the digital world.