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Digital Library Services

What digital services do you offer?

We offer online access to digital media, such as e-books, magazines, video, and streaming music.  Many of these services have mobile apps if you prefer to use them on a tablet or smartphone.  We also offer access to a number of databases for information and research.  In addition, you can sign up for a library card online.

How do I access the library's digital services?

For some our digital services, you can simply click the link and start using the service.  For others, you'll need to enter your library card number. This is the entire number on the back of your card, with no spaces.

Am I eligible to access the library's digital services?

Digital services are available to both children and adults.

Some services are only available to resident library patrons, that is, patrons who reside in our library district, as opposed to reciprocal patrons who have a different home library. Not sure if you're a resident patron? If your library card is red, you're a resident; if it's white, you're reciprocal (or the card is very old and needs to be replaced!).

You must also be in good standing to access many of these services. This means that your contact information must be up to date, and that you cannot have a fine on your account greater than $3.50.