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General Library Information

When is the library open?

See our hours listed in the top right corner of this page.

What is my library card number?

Your library card number can be found on the back of your library card.  The number is the entire string of digits, without any spaces.  Sometimes you may see the library card number referred to as your "barcode number."  Your library card number is needed to access many of the library's digital services.

Can I get a job at the library?  Are you hiring?

The Pulaski County Public Library is always willing to consider additions to its workforce that can help its mission to serve the patrons of its library district.  Job applications can be picked up at the main circulation desk.  When we are looking to fill particular positions, job listings may appear in local papers, be posted on the library's bulletin board, or be found at online job search sites.  You can also see open positions on our Careers page.

Can I volunteer at the library?

We appreciate your desire to help!  At this time, we do not have any positions in which we can effectively use volunteers.  See our Support page for other ways you can help the library.

Can I donate books or other items to the library?

The Library accepts gifts of gently used books and materials.  See our Support page for more information.

When is the next Pulaski County Public Library Board meeting?

In general, Board meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 4:30.  A full list of Board meetings for the year is posted on the library bulletin board.  Check our Events calendar for current information about upcoming meetings.