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Help Bring Broadband to Pulaski County

Visit, Verify, and Validate your information on the FCC’s new broadband map to help ensure funding reaches the areas that need broadband most!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently released a map showing broadband availability across the U.S.  The map will guide funding for building broadband infrastructure in Indiana.  See the map at

The library is partnering with other local organizations to encourage you to help review the information given in this new map.  Verify that your address is listed correctly, and see the broadband services that the FCC says are available to you.  If the information is incorrect, submit an Availability Challenge.

Validating the information on the map and submitting challenges for incorrect listings will help make sure that broadband funding is allocated to areas of need.

Residents and businesses should review the map and challenge broadband location/availability no later than January 13, 2023.

Visit Purdue’s webpage on the topic to learn more:

See the FCC map and submit your challenge at