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Library Services

Can I make copies at the library?

Yes!  A copy machine is open to the public at the library, and the library also maintains a copier at the West Side Center.  The cost to copy is 10¢ per black & white page and 60¢ for color pages.  The library's copier has a coin box which accepts quarters, nickels, dimes, and single dollar bills.  You can come in and use the copier on your own.  You are also welcome to ask library staff for assistance.

Can I scan a document at the library?

Yes, you scan documents using the public copy machine at the library.  Documents can be scanned to PDF and JPG formats, and they can be emailed or saved to a USB flash drive.  Flash drives for temporary, in-house use can be borrowed at the circulation desk.

Can I fax something at the library?

Yes, we do send faxes. The cost to fax is $2 for the first page and $1 for each subsequent page. A cover sheet can be included at no charge.

Our fax machine is not self-service; a library staff member will send your fax for you.  We can print a fax sent confirmation.

The library does not receive faxes; we only send out.

I have a group that would like to use a meeting room.  Would that be possible?

We welcome and encourage public use of our facilities and meeting rooms to serve the community's needs for education, information, and cultural enrichment.  Meeting rooms can be reserved in accordance with the library's Meeting Room Policy.  There may be a fee to use the room, depending on your organization type.  See our Meeting Room page to learn how to reserve a room and for more information on meeting room policies.