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What does "good standing" mean?

For your account to be in good standing, your contact information must be up to date, and you cannot have a fine on your account greater than $3.50.

Can I post my ad/promotion/flyer on your bulletin board?

The library's bulletin board can only be used for the promotion of non-profit organizations and events.  All postings must be approved by library staff.  You can bring the material you wish to post on the board to the front desk for approval.  Any non-approved postings will be removed.

Do you have tax forms?

The library does carry tax forms during the first few months of the year up until tax day.  We receive tax forms from both the state and federal governments.  Sometimes we don't receive all the forms until a few weeks into the year, so if we don't have what you're looking for right away, be patient and check back.

We can also print tax forms for you free of charge.  Note that while there is no charge for the forms themselves, standard printing charges apply for any instructions you may need to print.  Library staff members cannot offer legal or tax advice, so please determine in advance which forms you need for your situation.

You can find Federal tax forms at  and Indiana tax forms at

I'm reading a book series.  How many titles are there in total?  What order am I supposed to read them in?

eSequels is the database for you!  eSequels lists the all the titles in a book series in their proper reading order.

How do I register to vote?

Registering to vote is simple!  If you live in Indiana, you can register to vote or check or update your registration at  You'll need your driver's license or state I.D. card to register.

The library participates in National Voter Registration Day every year on the fourth Tuesday of September.  On this day, you can come in for personal assistance signing up to vote.