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PCPL 3.2-1 Overdue Materials (01/2011)

It is the responsibility of the patron to return all borrowed items on time. Fines are twenty-five cents per day for each item overdue (other than A-V materials and equipment which are covered under the A-V Policy). No further items will be loaned if fines are $3.50 or more. All remaining balances must be paid within thirty (30) days. Reminder by telephone, post card, or e-mail will be issued to patrons approximately 1-2 weeks after due date, 5-6 weeks after due date, a notice will be mailed. 

Should the borrowed items not be returned in approximately six weeks after the final due date, a letter will be sent under the director’s signature stating the details of the overdue items and notifying the patron that their borrowing privileges have been suspended.

In-house use of reading materials and computers will still be available to patrons that have accumulated fines. However, the patron must pay a portion of the fine, not less than 10% of the amount due before they are issued a computer.