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Preservation Week 2019

Memories and treasures should last a lifetime and be passed on to future generations.

During Preservation Week, the library will have two programs focusing on efforts you can take to preserve your precious items.

First, on Friday, April 26th at 5:00, take part in our Preservation Conversation as we talk about preserving family records.

Then come hear a Local History professional from the Indiana Historical Society talk about Preserving Family Treasures on Monday, April 29th at 5:00.

Preservation Week inspires actions to preserve personal, family, and community collections in addition to library, museum, and archive collections.

It also raises awareness of the role libraries and other cultural institutions play in providing ongoing preservation education and information.

Libraries all over the country present events, activities, and resources that highlight what we can do, individually and together, to preserve our personal and shared collections.

The most important part of a preservation effort is taking the first step.  Don't let the pursuit of perfection be an obstacle to getting started.

A simple first step like moving photos out of the attic or basement to a bedroom closet will have a significant impact.

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