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Progress at the Library

Work is continuing at the library!  We’ve made a lot of progress, but there’s also more that still needs to be done.  Library staff is constantly working to provide the library services you’ve always enjoyed while also doing whatever needs done to reopen areas as quickly as possible.

Many books had been packed up during construction, but library staff has gotten the majority of them back on the shelves.  Some collections, such as local history, are still in boxes, but library staff members themselves are using any spare moments during their day to help get things put back together.  We’re lifting, moving, sorting, and unpacking.

We’ve made it a priority to open each section of the library to the public as soon as construction allows.  First the circulation desk and adult stacks were open, then the Galbreath local history room, then the computer lab, then the Reading Room.  Step by step, we have made and are continuing to make progress.  The library building is open throughout the day, with adult books, kids’ books, DVDs, and more all available for browsing and use.  We’re working on the final areas of the building, including the children’s area.

Pillars have been removed and a wall has been reshaped in the children’s area, but we still have more work to do to get everything in place.  As we finalize the areas of the building that are already open to the public, the children’s area is serving as our staging area for a variety of items and materials.

Because the children’s area is unavailable, library staff have moved a large selection of kids’ books to the front of the building.  All of the library’s kids’ books are available for checkout, whether through our large selection at the front of the building or through asking for or reserving a title from the back.

One planned part of our remodeling project has been to install more shelving.  More shelves will be a great asset as we continue to add to our collection, but the pandemic has delayed this part of the job.  Once we’re able, we will install additional shelving in the children’s area, the teen area and the Galbreath room.

Thanks for bearing with us as we work to open our building and make it better than ever.  We are eagerly looking forward sharing the fully completed project with you and our community.