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Suffragist Activity Kits

We’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of women voting in Indiana! Help us celebrate this momentous anniversary by requesting a Suffragist Activity Kit. Request your kit here:

Today, women’s suffrage (the right to vote) seems like an obvious component of democracy. One hundred years ago, it was a controversial idea that even some women opposed. Championing it required courage, perseverance and organized activism.

In these Suffragist Activity Kits, you'll learn about the women in Indiana who advocated, organized, marched, and petitioned to secure their right to the ballot box. The kits also include puzzle sheets, coloring pages, and paper suffragists to cut out, color, and decorate!

Plus, you'll get two bags of "Equali-Tea," an orchid green tea with a lovely floral scent. This tea was blended in honor of First Lady Caroline Harrison and celebrates the right to vote won by women in 1920.

Our Suffragist Activity Kits are free with your library card! Kits will be available while supplies last. We will contact you if we're able to fill your request.