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PCPL 3.6 - Unattended or Disruptive Children Policy

The Pulaski County Public Library strives to provide an environment conducive to lifelong learning and the personal development of its users. Children are welcome in our libraries and we are concerned about their safety and welfare. However, parents and caregivers are responsible for monitoring the activities and regulating the behavior of their children while the children are in the Library.

Parents/guardians are responsible for their children's behavior while children are on library property. For safety reasons, children age twelve and under should not be left unattended in the library. If children are left at the library under the care of another child and staff are concerned that the children are not adequately supervised by the other child, library staff will attempt to contact the parent/guardian.

If an unattended child is being disruptive, is habitually left unattended for long periods of time, or is deemed to be at risk of coming to harm, an effort will be made to locate the responsible parent, guardian, or caregiver. If the parent/guardian cannot be contacted, the children may be placed in the care of law enforcement.

The procedure for disruptive children at the Library will be:

1. Verbal warning to the child and parent or guardian that their conduct violates Library policies.

2. An incident report will be written up and given to the Library director.

The Library Director will contact the parent or guardian to discuss the conduct of the child at the Library. If the disruptive behavior continues, then a certified letter will be sent home to the child’s parent or guardian indicating they will not be permitted to enter the Library until his or her parent or guardian meets with the Library Director and/or Library Board.

Updated 7/28/21