Connect, Engage, Enrich: Memory Kits Now Available for Checkout

Local attorney Tim Murray's vision for fostering community engagement and supporting individuals facing cognitive challenges has materialized into a heartwarming initiative at the Pulaski County Public Library. Last year, Murray collaborated with Librarian MacKenzie Ledley, culminating in the creation of a unique collection of Memory Kits aimed at providing meaningful activities for individuals navigating cognitive issues.

A Memory Kit is not just a bag; it's a vessel of memories, carefully curated with items and activities encapsulating specific places, times, or themes. Memory Kits allow the user to reminisce while completing activities or looking for an item in a Busy Bottle. Often, these activities initiate conversations about a person's favorite things or life stories.

Murray's idea coincided nicely with the library's commitment to community outreach and reestablished homebound delivery program. The library staff, enthusiastic about the synergy between the initiative and their mission, diligently identified and curated potential products. Through Tim Murray's generous donation, ten themed backpacks and eight Busy Bottle Kits were acquired, marking the realization of this heartwarming program.

Backpack themes include Dog Reminisce, Cat Reminisce, Patriotic Collection, Farm Reminisce, Great Outdoors Reminisce, Remembering the 1950s, Remembering the 1960s, Remembering the 1970s, The Handyman, and The Homemaker Collection. Each backpack has a unique theme and includes products that provide a mix of reminiscing opportunities through sights, sounds, and touch.

The Busy Bottle Kit themes include Baking & Kitchen, Dogs & Cats, Farm & Farm Animals, First Responder & Nurse, Fishing & Great Outdoors, Handyman & Tools, Patriotic & Military, Summer & Beach, and Vegetable & Flower Gardening.

See a list of Memory Kits and more information about each on our Library of Things page:

Residents can now check out Memory Kits at the Pulaski County Public Library, with each kit circulating for two weeks. If you have a loved one experiencing dementia or age-related cognitive issues, consider exploring this innovative service that enhances the quality of life through reminiscence and connection.

These memory kits were donated by Tim Murray of Murray Law. The Pulaski County Public Library sincerely Murray for underwriting this valuable new opportunity for our community.

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