Tax Forms

A display of a variety of federal and state tax forms at the library.

If you prefer to use paper forms to complete your taxes, you can get them at the library.

During tax season (typically the 1st of February through early May), we have copies of several of the most frequently used forms on display.  You can browse the display and take the forms you need.

The federal and state governments no longer provide enough copies of these forms for us to distribute, so we print them ourselves!  We offer these forms as complimentary service to the community.

If you don’t see forms you need, we can print them for you upon request.  There is no charge for printing the forms themselves.  If you want printed copies of the instructions, you will be charged at the standard printing rate.

The library does not offer tax help or tax preparation services.  We cannot provide legal advice on your particular tax situation.

If you would like to browse tax forms for yourself, you can visit the IRS website for federal forms and Indiana Department of Revenue site for state forms.