Library District

The Pulaski County Public Library serves a district of nine townships in Pulaski County, Indiana. These townships are Cass, Franklin, Harrison, Indian Creek, Jefferson, Monroe, Rich Grove, Van Buren, and White Post. The library is supported by tax funding from these townships.

Three townships in Pulaski County are not part of our district. The Monterey-Tippecanoe Township Public Library serves Tippecanoe Township. The Francesville-Salem Township Public Library serves Salem Township. Beaver Township is not a member of any library district.

If you aren’t sure what township you live in, you can look up your address on the Pulaski County GIS website. You’re also welcome to give us a call at 574-946-3432.

Because the library receives its funding from taxes levied on residents and property owners in its district, only district residents and property owners are eligible for a free library card. If you would like to sign up for a library card and live outside the PCPL district, you may qualify for a reciprocal card (if you live in a different library district) or may need to purchase a non-resident card (if you live in an area not part of any library district). Learn more on our Get a Card page.

Determination of what library district a township is in, if any, is made on a township-by-township basis. If you have questions about your township’s policy, you can find contact information for your Township Trustee at

Map of Pulaski County, Indiana with the nine townships of the Pulaski County Public Library District highlighted.
Townships highlighted in teal represent the PCPL district. The three townships in gray are not part of the PCPL district.  Click here for larger version of map.