Launchpad: Five Little Monkeys: Funny Business!

Case for Launchpad: Five Little Monkeys: Funny Business!

No more monkeys jumping on the bed! The Five Little Monkeys come to life in these engaging and interactive digital book apps that will excite young readers, teach literacy fundamentals and boost reading confidence. Encourage literacy skills with highlighted narration; Follow along with three fun ways to read; Learn new vocabulary with tappable text; Tap objects and hear their names read aloud.

Contents: Five little monkeys bake a birthday cake --; Five little monkeys go shopping --; Five little monkeys jumping on the bed --; Five little monkeys play Hide and Seek --; Five little monkeys sitting in a tree --; Five little monkeys wash the car --; Five little monkeys with nothing to do.

Recommended for: Ages 3-5; Pre-K to K.

Playaway Launchpad is a pre-loaded learning tablet. Device does not have Internet connectivity. Earphones not required for audio playback.